If you have so many people to share licensed marijuana Canada with, it’s better to offer a hit to others and start the rotation. Not many people try this stoner norm but many veterans still love. If you are hitting anything else than a blunt or joint, you can have one hit and pass it on. If you have a blunt or joint, you can have two puffs and give it up.  When you order weed online, don’t camp on your joint. If you are new to marijuana, or coming back from a long time, you can hold the joint/blunt/piece on your hands and babble again and again on something that is not as vital as having joint.

With mail order marijuana, you shouldn’t assume its okay to smoke in your house. Some people may not want to smoke in their house. While others may be fine but have someone to come over and they don’t want any smell like smoke. There are different reasons behind it. Always ask politely if you have to go ahead. You will be happy to know that you checked first and do will be an individual who lives where you are at. You also shouldn’t smoke weed which is not yours without keeping them informed.